10 Anime heroes work for money only

10 Anime heroes work for money only

In anime, there are plenty of heroes just like these, and some of them are favorites among the anime community. It’s a massive change from heroes who fight for some lofty goal or just because they’re goody two-shoes. And heroes who fight for profit are still perfectly capable of saving the world.

Rally Vincent normally runs a firearms store known as Gunsmith Cats. But she needs more than money if she’s going to find out what happened to her father, who vanished years ago, so she enters the bounty hunting profession to try and track him down. Rally isn’t always only about the money, but it certainly helps keep her expensive taste in cars and guns satisfied. She usually teams up with the young May Hopkins, who works with her during their bounty hunting jobs as both a gunsmith and an expert in bombs.

It’s a bit of a stretch to call Nagi a “hero” in Tenchi Muyo; she’s more of a super talented bounty hunter. But she does hunt down criminals regularly, and she’s gained a reputation throughout the galaxy for her consistent work. She’s tracked down countless criminals without giving it a second thought. Nagi does it all to make money, which is befitting of a hunter. But there’s one exception for her: Ryoko, someone who managed to escape her grasp. For Nagi, it’s a point of pride—but the rest are all about being paid for her work.

9 Nagi Only Cares About Hunting Criminals Down If Money Is Involved (Tenchi Muyo)

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  • 10 Rally Vincent Works As A Bounty Hunter To Pay For Her Search For Her Father (Gunsmith Cats)

8 Android 18 Usually Only Fights If It Supports Her Family (Dragon Ball)

Android 18 abandoned the goal of killing Goku, and afterwards married Krillin. But while Krillin and Android 18 have a happy marriage in Dragon Ball, that doesn’t mean they don’t need a bit of help.

RELATED: Dragon Ball: 10 Characters Who Haven’t Improved Much Krillin works as a beat cop, but Android 18 isn’t satisfied by this being their only source of income. Her goal whenever she fights is to earn enough money to help support the rest of the family. She was glad to win the 50 million zeni after beating Goten and Trunks, and asked for an even bigger reward for working in the Tournament of Power.

7 Leorio Became A Hunter To Reach His Goals (Hunter X Hunter) Leorio’s entire goal of becoming a Hunter was to make lots and lots of money. It’s the kind of goal no one would expect a person like Leorio to have, as he’s an honest sort of person. But it’s true that becoming a Hunter would allow him to become ridiculously rich so long as he took on the right jobs. Eventually, it’s explained that Leorio wants to become rich enough to become a doctor, then open up a clinic. He’s aware no one can run a business at a loss without being rich, so he aims to become that to reach his goal.

6 Ochaco Uraraka Wants To Be Rich To Help Her Family (My Hero Academia) While Deku wants to become a hero to help as many people as possible, Uraraka wants that sweet, sweet cash. It’s a surprising reason considering how she’s easily the nicest person in My Hero Academia. But in reality, she only wants the money because she wants to help her family. The ability to use her powers to support her family aren’t looked down on by the series either. Uraraka’s classmates admit that helping your own family members are as good a reason to become a hero as any.

4 Train Heartnet Switched From Assassinating Targets To Getting Paid To Bring Them In (Black Cat) Black Cat was an anime series that ran in the 2000’s for about a year, following a pair of “Sweepers” named Train and Sven. Train Heartnet was once a legendary assassin, while Sven was a cop. The two of them gave up their old life and started working as bounty hunters. For much of the series, when they’re not dealing with a mystery, they’re trying to figure out how to avoid being broke. It seems impossible given their skill level, but that’s part of the gimmick.

The entire crew of the Bebop have a major problem: they’re always broke. The group of them began working together because it was easier to go after bounties together than apart. But they’re all destructive, and so often times their bounties end up paying less than how much money they spend on fixing what they mess up. Still, the Bebop takes it’s missions solely based on how much each assignment is worth. It’s just too bad they rarely ever catch anyone in the first place. 5 The Cowboy Bebop Crew Are Bounty Hunters For A Living (Cowboy Bebop)