10-year-old Fremont County turns TikTok’s vision into a thriving business – Canon City Daily Record

10-year-old Fremont County turns TikTok's vision into a thriving business - Canon City Daily Record

McKinley launched her business during this year’s Blossom Festival, and now she can be found at most community events, including Flashback on Main.

“We have 15 flavors to pick from,” she said.

McKinley also provides cotton candy for weddings, baby showers, birthday parties, graduations and other private events.  She can set up shop at the venue, or deliver pre-made bags ahead of time with custom-made stickers on the bags.

Those flavors include banana, bubble gum, blue raspberry, chocolate, piña colada, red cherry, maple, white citrus, pink vanilla, birthday cake, cherry limeade, orange, grape, strawberry and winter frost.

Story Highlights

  • “It grew bigger, bigger and bigger,” she said of her business, Kinley’s Cotton Candy Creations.

  • She will be at the Royal Gorge Whitewater Festival on Friday and Saturday.

Sometimes people give money to sponsor a one-hour birthday party for individuals who otherwise could not afford such an event.

“I really like helping people and seeing what flavors they like and how they feel about it,” McKinley said.

She’s saving her proceeds for a car, specifically a jeep. “And I do a little bit of shopping,” she said. “Then I pay my family because I could not do this by myself.”

Individual bags of cotton candy are $3 each at public events or $2 each for birthday parties. For more information, visit McKinley’s business page on Facebook at Kinley’s Cotton Candy Creations, or text or call 719-369-6272 to book an event.