10-year-old Mason uses a claw machine to raise money to help nonprofits

10-year-old Mason uses a claw machine to raise money to help nonprofits

“I really wanted one [a claw machine] but my mom said no until there is a necessary reason,” Isaac Miller explained. “And then my friend passed away, so I decided to get it for the foundation.”

After just six months, the machine has already raised $1,000 for Love like JJ, the foundation was started by JJ’s parents.

JJ’s mom, Kristen, says her son would have loved what his friend is doing to help others.

“The first thousand [dollars] that I donated, I used to go to the Ronald McDonald House,” Miller said.

Story Highlights

  • Nine-year-old JJ Day died in January of Sudden Unexplained Death in Childhood (SUDC).

  • The claw machine, which you put coins into and try to grab a toy inside, is located at Sonder Brewing in Mason.

“He would think it’s so cool,” Kristen said. “JJ loved claw machines. One of the recent memories we have with him – he was at a friend’s birthday party, and what did we do? We played the claw machine. He would be absolutely thrilled, not only because it’s a claw machine, but because his buddy Isaac is doing it.”

Love Like JJ has already helped provide therapy for kids, a facility dog for local schools, food for kids in need, and much more.

“That was absolutely JJ. He was exuberant, full of life, and always trying to get people’s attention,” Kristen added. “And just kind of be the animated person in the room.” Kristen says it’s all about continuing JJ’s memory and spreading awareness about the tragedy that hit their family.

As for Miller, he finally gets to own and operate his own claw machine but he also gets to share it with others. Whether people playing win a prize or not, Love Like JJ is the true winner in the end.

Miller has another claw machine at Third Eye Brewing in Sharonville. That machine benefits Live Like Maya. See a spelling or grammar error in our story? Please include the title when you click here to report it.

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