5,000 teachers will be given vouchers to buy laptops

5,000 teachers will be given vouchers to buy laptops

He said that teachers will receive the evoucher via email or SMS text messages. Mr. Rhoden informed that the list of teachers slated to benefit under the initiative will be provided by the Ministry of Education, Youth, and Information. “Once that is done… the data will be uploaded into the ‘Own Your Own Device’ system and vouchers issued to the intended teachers,” he noted.

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  • Under the ‘Laptop for Teachers’ scheme, which is being created by e-Learning Jamaica Limited, 5,000 public school educators might begin getting electronic vouchers (evouchers) to purchase laptop computers in December (e-Ljam). Seymour Rhoden, project manager for e-‘Own Ljam’s Your Own Device’ initiative, told JIS News that the e-vouchers will allow teachers to purchase a laptop that satisfies the entity’s minimal standards from an approved vendor site.

  • “The [Laptop for Teachers] programme is not yet live; it is actually being developed with changes being made to the existing ‘Own Your Own Device’ system to facilitate the distribution of vouchers to the teachers. We anticipate that the programme will be coming on stream by possibly December of 2021. This is pending finalising of the system and having all other supporting systems in place,” he outlined. Speaking in St. Elizabeth recently, Minister of Education, Youth, and Information, Hon. Fayval Williams, informed that teachers at the primary level will be the first to benefit under the Laptop for Teachers programme.