A fantasy MMORPG from Level Infinite is currently available worldwide on Android and iOS

A fantasy MMORPG from Level Infinite is currently available worldwide on Android and iOS

Explore a prehistoric mythical world, inspired by eastern mythology. Chimeraland immerses players in a world of boundless possibility filled with fascinating creatures that inhabit the land, air, and sea by drawing inspiration from Eastern mythology legends. Players can change their new pets, which can range in complexity from straightforward species to amazing chimeras—many different monsters joined to produce a truly gorgeous mount—once they have been captured and tamed.

Endlessly Customizable: The sky’s the limit! Players have a myriad of ways to customize their own unique avatars from a wide range of different races, as well as the ability to change the look of their faces down to the most minute details. Magnificent Beasts and Where to Find Them: Find and tame countless beasts scattered throughout the world to recruit them as companions, or combine beats to create one-of-a-kind chimeras with special abilities and attributes.

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Endless Arsenal: With no class restrictions and dozens of weapon types, you can arm yourself however you like! Due to the circular structure of the map, which has over 4,000 square kilometers for players to explore, Chimeraland’s enormous, open world is limitless, giving players a true sense of freedom as they discover new species and locations. With four continents, the ability to fly, and access to space, players can travel to other planets and interact with exotic animals, or they can decide to settle on a far-off planet. Players can enjoy a fully developed social trade system where other adventurers play a vital role in the tale instead of being limited to mere hellos with other players.

Story Highlights

  • The well-known open-world massively multiplayer online role-playing game Chimeraland is now accessible on both the Android and iOS platforms, according to Level Infinite’s announcement. Players can construct anything they want, interact with other adventurers, catch and raise odd animals, and survive in the prehistoric, mythical realm of Chimeraland.

  • With Chimeraland’s groundbreaking Devour feature, players can absorb the powers of the animals they catch, which occasionally take the form of the physical characteristics of the beats they were derived from. Here are the key features of this game: Expansive Open World: With its unique spherical map, Chimeraland allows for seamless exploration between continents, free of borders and load screens. Transform the Wilderness: Gather resources to create and design a home of your choice, with plenty of different styles to choose from. Whether it’s a treehouse high in the sky or a mansion in the middle of a sprawling lake!