A former NBA player has been arrested for allegedly carrying out Hawaii COVID tests

A former NBA player has been arrested for allegedly carrying out Hawaii COVID tests

A former NBA player was among two Californians arrested in Hawaii after police say the pair uploaded faked COVID-19 test results into the Hawaii Safe Travels portal.

Authorities believe their test results were faked in order to avoid quarantining, and Hayward and Randle were taken into custody for unsworn falsification. They were released pending an investigation by the Hawaii Attorney General’s Investigations Division and have since flown back to Los Angeles.

According to the attorney general’s office, violating Hawaii’s COVID travel mandates has a penalty of up to one year of prison time, a fine of up to $5,000 or both.

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  • All travelers to Hawaii must show negative tests for COVID before flying to the islands or face a 10-day mandatory quarantine period. According to Kauai police, Lazar Hayward Jr., 34, and Raven Randle, 33, flew Tuesday from Los Angeles on a direct American Airlines flight. Upon arrival at Lihue Airport, their pre-submitted COVID test results were flagged by the Hawaii Safe Travels system. 

Hayward was the Minnesota Timberwolves’ first-round draft pick out of Marquette in 2010. He played just one season for the Timberwolves, averaging 3.8 points and 1.7 rebounds per game. He was traded to Oklahoma City in 2011 and played one more season, again with Minnesota, before retiring in 2013.

When reached Friday by the Associated Press, Randle declined to comment.