A lunar eclipse ahead – Iola Register

A lunar eclipse ahead - Iola Register

At no time will it be unsafe to look at the partial lunar eclipse. Nothing is needed to observe the lunar eclipse other than your own eyes but if you have a pair of binoculars they will really improve the view. Small telescopes will also reveal the colors of the eclipsed Moon. As an added bonus the eclipsed Moon will be near the Pleiades Star Cluster. Look for a small but bright star cluster above the Moon. 

Story Highlights

  • If you are planning on watching the eclipse you may have to sacrifice some sleep. The eclipse will begin at 1:18 a.m. That is when the Moon begins to enter into the dark umbra shadow of the Earth. While the Moon slips into the Earth’s shadow the night sky will become darker, and the color of the eclipsed Moon will begin to show. Mid-eclipse will be at 3:04 a.m. Friday morning. At this time the Moon will be 97.4% eclipsed. The Moon will appear a dull red or rust color. People often refer to an eclipsed Moon as a blood Moon because of the color. Then from 3:04 a.m. to 4:47 a.m. the Moon will slowly regain its place as the brightest object in the night sky. By 4:47 a.m. the eclipse will be over.