A new beauty, a business co-op opens only for women

A new beauty, a business co-op opens only for women

But 11 years later she’s using her story, and her knowledge of the industry, to give back with the opening of Girl Boss Studios.

The beauty and business co-op offer both salon and business space for aspiring female entrepreneurs.

“We are boss babes who are not asking for permission. We are giving ourselves permission to stand in our truth and do what we do and that’s small business.”

Something Sheree Darien was more than happy partner in.

Story Highlights

  • “I got out of an abusive relationship, ended up homeless and needed to put food on the table. I entered the beauty industry unknowingly just as a way to take care of my young children at the time.”

  • “Girl Boss Studios was started because, if I can take what I learned and help others get what I’ve gained more quickly then they don’t have to go through the hard steps I went through,” said La’Shaune.

Setting these women up with not only the tools of the trade, but some of the tricks as well.

“You might be great at hair and doing other things but when it comes to operating your business in a sound legitimate way, you need to connect with Sheree, she’s your girl,” said Darien.

Propping women up on the shoulders of those who have come before them and perhaps giving them something no one else has ever given them before, an opportunity. “If I can do it anyone can do it. That’s what Girl Boss Studios is about is speaking to those women that say, ‘if only someone would give me a chance.’ Well, Girl Boss Studios is here to give women that chance,” La’Shaune says.

La’Shaune says if all goes well she hopes to open a Boss Man Studios in the future. For more information, click here. Copyright 2021 WTOC. All rights reserved.