A woman has been arrested for allegedly beating a man with a hammer, refusing to be arrested for taking off his clothes

A woman has been arrested for allegedly beating a man with a hammer, refusing to be arrested for taking off his clothes

Officers with the Chubbuck Police Department spoke with a man last Wednesday after 1:30 p.m., according to an affidavit of probable cause. The man claimed that his landlord, Glover, had locked him out of their home.

Officers told him he had a right to access the home and that he could not be removed from the home without a proper eviction.

While returning to the home, the same officer who had talked to him earlier spoke with him over the phone. The man told the officer that he had been allowed back inside and was in the process of fixing the door lock so he would be able to enter when he needed. He said Glover came at him with a hammer raised and attacked him.

Less than three hours later, just after 4 p.m., the same man called 911 claiming Glover had hit him with a hammer.

Story Highlights

  • Renda Rene Glover, 60, faces a felony charge for aggravated battery along with a misdemeanor charge for resisting arrest, according to charge documents.

  • Asked if he had a right to residence, the man told officers that he had paid his rent and had not been evicted. He said that Glover locked him out “just because she doesn’t want me there anymore.”

The man claimed he had cellphone video of the attack. Upon their arrival, the victim showed the officers the video.

According to the affidavit, the video shows Glover approaching the victim near the front door with a hammer above her shoulders. The video then shows her swing the hammer, and the video is described as bouncing with the hammer swing in police reports.

Asked where he was hit, the victim lifted his shirt to reveal a red mark on his stomach, near his right hip. He refused EMS assistance. The victim, who was outside the home when officers arrived, said the door had once again been locked but offered to kick it in if officers wanted to enter with his permission.

After informing the victim that damaging the home was a bad idea but legal, the man kicked in the door and allowed the officers in. Officers found Glover sitting on a bed in the bedroom.

She allegedly told officers that she did not want to go through the eviction process but wanted the victim out of the home. Asked if she hit the man with a hammer, Glover denied it. Informed that officers had watched a video of the incident which allegedly showed her hitting the victim, Glover once again denied hitting the victim with a hammer.

Told by officers to put her clothes back on, Glover repeated, “I am not leaving, and I am not going to jail.” Additional assistance was requested.

Glover then removed her shirt and shoes and remained sitting on the bed wearing only her underwear. Officers asked Glover to stand for arrest. She responded, “I am not leaving, and I am not going to jail,” police reports say.