About half of DeSantis’ PAC funding from outside of Florida

About half of DeSantis' PAC funding from outside of Florida

But nearly half of DeSantis’ 2021 fundraising has been pulled from donors in other states, and the Friends of Ron DeSantis PAC this year lists more out-of-state donors than in-state donors.

Compare that to 4,700 Florida donors who have collectively given the Republican governor $19.7 million over the same time period.

Since Crist launched his campaign in May, 11% of donations to his PAC, Friends of Charlie Crist, have come from out-of-state.

DeSantis’ Democratic challengers Congressman Charlie Crist and Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried aren’t getting nearly the out-of-state attention.

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  • At the start of July, DeSantis political action committee, Friends of Ron DeSantis, had $44 million cash on hand. At July’s halfway point, DeSantis had added almost $540,000 to that total.

  • Fundraising amounts from Jan. 1 to July 15 posted to the Friends of Ron DeSantis site total $36.7 million, of which 47%, around $17 million, come from out-of-state. That money is spread across 6,929 out-of-state donors.

Fried launched her campaign in June, and roughly 4% of the donations to her PAC, Florida Consumers First, have come from out-of-state.

Both Democratic candidates are also trailing DeSantis in overall fundraising, despite DeSantis not being listed as an official 2022 gubernatorial candidate, according to the state’s Division of Elections.

DeSantis’ growing national donor base comes amid a torrent of television interviews. Gracing cable news shows at least once a week, DeSantis is billed as ‘America’s Governor’ among some conservatives, and his fundraising increasingly proves his popularity on the national stage, further fueling rumors that he’ll run for President in 2024. The fundraising scales first tipped in April when out-of-state donors usurped Florida donors, assisting DeSantis in his highest fundraising month to date in 2021. Friends of Ron DeSantis pulled in $9.3 million from out-of-state donors and just shy of $4.68 million from Florida donors in April.

May saw a return to Florida donor dominance with $5.3 million in donations from Florida donors and $2.3 million in donations from out-of-state donors. But June reflected the growing national trend again, with $3.4 million coming from out-of-state donors and $2.1 million from Florida donors.

DeSantis’ July fundraising has been dominated by out-of-state dollars. From July 1 to July 15, the Friends of Ron DeSantis PAC received $298,654 from 250 out-of-state donors. DeSantis had more donors from Florida in July, but those donations were smaller and added to less money. DeSantis’ PAC received $218,685 from 566 Florida donors from July 1 to July 15.

Illinois has sent the most money to DeSantis, nearly $5.27 million, $5 million of which came from investment manager Kenneth C. Griffin. Washington, D.C. comes in second with $4.76 million, heavily weighted by a $4.6 million donation from the Republican Governors Association.

All fifty states are represented in DeSantis’ 2021 fundraising to date, plus the Virgin Islands and The Armed Forces of Europe. So, where is DeSantis’ out-of-state money coming from?