According to Jacob Rees-Mogg, retrenchment of 91,000 civil servants’ is completely ‘logical’ after Brexit and Covid


“Up to 38,000 people a year leave the civil service [every year], so the simplest way to do it is to have a freeze on recruitment, which we’ve done in the Cabinet Office. We need to have with the reductions a very effective learning and development programme, so that civil servants whose roles may not be the optimal use of their time can be trained so they can fulfil other roles within the civil service.”

“You have a communications department and you have in another department some people doing communications. So it’s trying to ensure that you use the resource that you’ve got rather than duplicating it bit by bit. Therefore there are many savings that come from that.”

Story Highlights

  • “We’ve taken on extra people for specific tasks – so dealing with the aftermath of Brexit and dealing with Covid so there’s been a reason for the increase, but now we’re trying to get back to normal,” the Brexit opportunities minister told Sky News.

  • Asked where the cuts will come from, he said: “Arms-length bodies – this includes the quangos. What I’ve seen within the Cabinet Office where I work, and bear in mind each Secretary of State will be responsible for his own department, is that there is duplication within the Government.