Accused of snatching away veterans, business owner says their anger ‘justified’ | Investigation

  Accused of snatching away veterans, business owner says their anger 'justified' |  Investigation

“We’ve gathered the facts. There’s been a violation of Tennessee law, instead of going to trial, let’s just rule on this,” Tennessee Attorney General Communications Director Samantha Fisher said.

PDF: Motion for summary judgment against The Rustic Flag Company and Justin Scott

Scott said he estimated the unfilled orders are somewhere between 8,000 and 10,000.

“There are not 23,000 unfilled orders. That is absolutely false,” Scott told News4 Investigates.

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  • The Tennessee Attorney General’s Office is asking a judge to issue a summary judgement in its case against Justin Scott, who owned the company Rustic Flag in Trenton, TN.

  • The state attorney general requested in court filings that the court issue a judgement of $3,639,019.95 for the 23,645 customers who do not receive their custom flags.

“I wonder what you would say to them because there are a lot of them that are really angry with you,” asked News4 Investigates.

“I think there is anger warranted. You spent your money with a veteran-owned company that you thought would provide you with a product,” Scott said. “I am 100% truly sorry to my brothers and sisters that didn’t get what they ordered.”

Nearly a year after News4 Investigates exposed accusations against a Tennessee company for failing to deliver high-priced wooden flags for vet…

The attorney general also claims in court filings that Scott purchased cars, four wheelers and paid off his home. Scott said that claim is untrue as he purchased those vehicles and paid off his home before he got “in over his head” with orders that he couldn’t fulfill.

“How much blame do you accept for what’s happened with these flags?” asked News4 Investigates. “One hundred percent. I fully understand that there are people that didn’t get their product and that hurts my heart,” Scott said.

“So how can you ever make this right?” asked News4 Investigates. “Whatever I do for a job, I’ll give it all up,” Scott replied.

“Absolutely not. My wife and I have nothing of value. Everything we have has been sold or liquidated,” Scott said. “Do you have the money to pay back anything to these people?” asked News4 Investigates.