Adi Shankar talks about updates on future Projects

Adi Shankar talks about updates on future Projects

while at the Cannes Film Festival, he unveiled his latest project, the animation/live-action hybrid superhero satire show, Guardians of Justice, for consideration and judging in the Canneseries competition. It appears that Shankar has his finger on the pulse of both society and culture. With so many successful, artful, and meaningful projects under his belt, and many more to come, the TechRaptor team wanted to dive into the mind of Adi Shankar.

“I meticulously beat out the entire project so that part’s done. We’re about to start scripting. When you have a detailed brief, it just does,” Shankar said. “And we’ve locked in someone who we feel is the perfect writer for my vision of the project.

but definitely not least, we wanted to see if there were any updates to Devil May Cry, the series that Shankar announced back in 2018. At the time of the interview, he said the script has been completed and production should be starting early next year.

So we have an ambitious timeline to get this out there and share it with world. And it’s not just me, right? Because just like Ubisoft has an entire film and TV team, PUBG has a PUBG Universe Team.”

Story Highlights

  • Adi Shankar has had an illustrious career thus far. In all of his jobs, he may be classified as a next-level personality, including creator, writer, director, actor, content creator, show-runner, and producer, to mention a few. From Netflix’s animated Castlevania series to working on an animated adaptation of Captain Laserhawk: A Blood Dragon Remix, based on the Ubisoft game set in the Far Cry series, to creating an anime rendition of PUBG, his projects are diverse.

  • With an extensive resume of upcoming projects, we knew we had to try and get Shankar to give us a few insights into a few of his video game projects, at least the ones he was willing to give us some details on. Assassin’s Creed has no updates to reveal, but Hyper Life Drifter has something exciting going on in the works there. Currently, he is about to start scripting for the upcoming PUBG project based on the popular video game franchise that just happens to features 55 million gamers playing daily. Shankar also revealed that he is working very closely with the team at Krafton Inc.

“My Devil May Cry series has to be as visually inventive as the games are,” he said. “And I’m going for the static that captures beautiful chaos while being an ode to Capcom. I want kinetic theory. Like it’s got to have its own sleek aesthetic and bombastic identity.

And a project only gets to that level of of layered richness if its creator meticulously pours their soul into every step of the process. And that’s what I’ve done. And that’s what I intend to keep doing on this project.”

Shankar further explained that the delay was because he wanted to project to “be developed by DMC fans for DMC fans,” which only makes us more excited to see what he does with the series, especially given the rumors that it may focus on Dante’s brother and nemesis, Vergil. “I don’t think about these things. Like when I’m coming up with stuff, it’s like coming from either a cellular level. There’s something going on. I’m not kind of like trying to algorithm it. To the extent where I’m like, OK, so I want this one diverse element and this other diverse element, literally, that does not cross my mind. But it’s happening subconsciously.

I think that is what will probably make Dolph so much more authentic in the long run as a character that represents. On the flip side, you’re so frustrated by the lack of feeling, seeing, or having yourself represented on TV that you decide to like make your own content and put yourself in it as an adult.”