Adults are recognized for their contribution to the Timmins Science

Adults are recognized for their contribution to the Timmins Science

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They created the Hollinger open pit mine exhibit, which is complete with miniature mining equipment. They built a model train set exhibit which is featured at the entrance of Science Timmins. Every part of the train display, except the trains were built in the workshop. And, they continue to collaborate with Science Timmins on needs and projects for the science centre.

As a result of their contributions, the shop has been named the Coderre-Desjardins Woodworking Shop.

They’ve also made many projects such as walking canes, wooden sculptures, 3D puzzles, and toys. The two men have used the shop almost daily since it opened.

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  • Two seniors who have applied their woodworking skills to create various exhibits for Science Timmins were recognized for their contribution to the organization at a small celebration this past week.

  • Claude Coderre and Gerry Desjardins have collaborated on many projects and exhibits since Science Timmins and St. Mary’s Gardens opened in 2015.

Timmins Mayor George Pirie was on hand to congratulate Coderre and Desjardins and they were recognized by MPP Gilles Bisson’s office as well.

Coderre and Desjardins are both tenants at St. Mary’s Gardens.

Science Timmins is located on the lower level of St. Mary’s Gardens and all residents and tenants have use of the woodworking shop. When asked about what they like about the shop, Desjardins said, “It’s like going to work. It keeps us busy.”

Coderre added, jokingly, “It keeps us out of trouble.” Karla Gagnon, administrator at St. Mary’s Gardens, said, “We are so lucky to have a woodworking shop in our building to enrich the lives of our seniors. The social, emotional and mental health benefits of doing something that you love are countless. And, it’s exciting to see Claude and Gerry using that passion to build exhibits that give back to the community. We’re quite proud of what they’ve accomplished.”

Antoine Garwah, president and CEO of Science Timmins, said the shop was always intended to be used by residents of St. Mary’s Gardens. It’s fully stocked with tools to complete a project from start to finish. The shop is available for public use for an hourly fee and free for Science Timmins members. Users must be over 19 and have the skills to use the tools unsupervised.

Classes are offered for those wanting to learn woodworking. Double vaccination and masking are required for anyone using the shop.