Affirm faces BNPL storms, Microsoft releases new laptop, while United Airlines expands driver training

Affirm faces BNPL storms, Microsoft releases new laptop, while United Airlines expands driver training

Now, the payment company off just around 15%. A couple of things going on here– rising delinquencies, a slowing economy, fears of a recession posing a pretty challenging road map for this industry. Now, at the end of March– as of the end of March, 3.7% of outstanding loan dollars were at least 30 days late, more than double what it was just a year ago. Affirm went public about a year and a half ago, just around $49 a share, hit a high of just over $170 back in November. Today, you can see it trading just above $24.

But I do want to focus on Microsoft as my pick for the day, specifically because they’re rolling out a new laptop. And the reason that’s big is because it’s coming at a time when we’re starting to see PC sales fall back from what they originally were. Last year in Q1, we had seen a jump of 55% year-over-year in overall PC sales. Now, so far this year in Q1, we saw a 5% drop from there.


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  • Yahoo Finance Live examines a number of the day’s most important business headlines, including Affirm’s prognosis in the purchase now, pay later market and United Airlines’ response to labour shortages. SEANA SMITH (Seana Smith): It’s time for a triple play, which consists of a few equities we’re keeping an eye on in the final 25 minutes of trading. First and foremost, the purchase now, pay later company is experiencing some difficulties. Take a look at Affirm’s stock, which is down today as a result of this.

  • And, Dan, when you take a look at this sector, obviously, a lot of challenges here. One of its competitors, Klarna, announcing that they’re laying off just around 10% of its workforce. We talk about layoffs in tech at large and it’s starting to hit this buy now, pay later industry as well. DAN HOWLEY: Yeah, and we are starting to see some layoffs in tech. I actually want to talk about Microsoft as my pick. And, basically, they’re seeing some layoffs. There was originally a report that they were seeing a ton, but, no, they’re not. It’s only in some of the office– some of the Microsoft Word chat teams. So it’s not massive.