AFL WAG Kylie Brown ‘hit hard’ by Covid-19

AFL WAG Kylie Brown 'hit hard' by Covid-19

The beauty therapist and mum-of-three, who is married to former Brisbane Lions great turned Chrissie, Sam and Browny host Jonathan Brown, shared that she tested positive to the virus on Monday after becoming unwell.

“Unfortunately Olivia and I tested positive for the spicy flu on Monday the 22nd after we were having a good chat on Insta,” she wrote on her Instagram Stories on Thursday.

“Macy, the little weapon, is still negative and her quarantine period ends [Friday] but I will keep her at home until Monday and do a few rapid tests just to be extra cautious.”

“Olivia has been dizzy, nauseous and had a backache for two days but is now all better. Just a blocked nose.

Story Highlights

  • Kylie Brown has been “hit hard” by Covid-19, after contracting the virus in the same week as her husband and his Nova 100 co-host Chrissie Swan.

  • Two of the couple’s children – 12-year-old Olivia and eight-year-old Jack – have also tested positive, while their youngest daughter Macy is still testing negative.

Kylie added that she’d been “hit the hardest in our family” and is “just sleeping, hydrating and keeping up with checks and talking to the [healthcare] team each day”.

“Sitting out in the sun was really nice yesterday. I’m hoping to get out there again soon,” she wrote to her 55.9k followers.

With Victoria still reporting upwards of 1000 community cases a day, Kylie said she was thankful to be fully vaccinated, adding it might’ve been a completely different scenario if she wasn’t. “I am extremely grateful to be vaccinated as this could’ve been a very different story. This is a scary virus and there are so many different symptoms and severity. Today has been a rough day but hopefully I will turn the corner tomorrow,” she wrote.

Jonathan also spoke about his wife and daughter getting Covid on his Browny’s Podcast on Wednesday. “The problem is I’ve brought poor old Kyles down, as well,” he said.

“Think she’s now suffering. For a while there it was just me and little Jack Brown, my eight-year-old son, that had it. “The three girls, it hadn’t rocked their world yet but now Olivia and Kylie have gone down. “Little Macy, can you believe it, the youngest of the family, the seven-year-old, the little wonder woman, she has one more negative test and she’s free as a bird, she’s back to school with her mates.”

“Jack was freaking out when it happened, but we have reassured him and I think that’s what is important is to reassure the children. “When it comes to our living arrangements, we are not isolated from the ‘rony boys. The kids are all sleeping in the same bed together, and I’m not sleeping in the bed with JB ‘cause he has been sweating it out and he’s a bit smelly.

“[We try to] stay hydrated, confident and calm for the kids because there’s a lot of hype and fear that has been placed into our kids,” she wrote on Instagram. Kylie said at the start of the week the family were “trying to keep as calm as possible”.