After Jen Psaki left the White House, she says she will miss Peter Doocy of Fox News


“Are you going to miss Peter Doocy?” Christian Science Monitor’s Washington bureau chief Linda Feldman asked Psaki during an event hosted by the news organization.

“I understand that he’s coming there to ask questions everyday that are important to report in the outlet he works for, and I respect that,” she continued. “We have healthy debates and discussions. Doesn’t mean I agree with his line of questioning on most days.”

Over the past 15 months, Psaki and Doocy’s back-and-forths in the White House briefing room have often become viral moments. The two have had tense exchanges over various issues, including the COVID-19 pandemic, immigration, crime, and the economy.

“I’ve called on him every day he’s been there,” Psaki said. “I think sending the message to the country that we’re not focused here on a fight with Fox” but focused on working for the American people is “very important.”

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  • White House press secretary Jen Psaki on Thursday said she will miss Fox News’ White House correspondent Peter Doocy once she steps down from the podium this week.

  • “I will,” Psaki said. “I will tell you, and people know this who are covering the White House everyday, I think we have a very good, professional relationship.”

Despite being visibly frustrated with each other at times, both Psaki and Doocy have maintained a spirit of collegiality. After Psaki announced in a press briefing last week that she is leaving her job on May 13, Doocy took a moment to extend his appreciation toward her.

“Sorry to see you go,” Doocy told Psaki, who responded sarcastically, “Are you?”

The room filled with laughter. “Yes,” Doocy said. “And you’ve always been a good sport. So, on behalf of everybody, thank you for everything.”

“Thank you. As have you,” Psaki replied. In another memorable moment, Psaki publicly congratulated Doocy on getting married in April last year, which he thanked her for, and then proceeded to question her about the US’s southern border.

Doocy, the son of “Fox & Friends” co-host Steve Doocy, later complimented Psaki on her professionalism. “When I got back from my wedding, she made a point to tell everybody in the briefing room that I just got married,” he told The New York Times. “That’s a transcript I can print out and show to my kids one day.”

Psaki will hold her final press briefing on Friday. She has not yet announced where she’ll be headed next, though she’s reportedly landed a gig at MSNBC. Karine Jean-Pierre, President Joe Biden’s deputy press secretary, will replace her. “It never feels like I’m getting smacked down or vice versa,” Doocy said of Psaki in that same interview. “I understand why it looks like that, some of the ways that stuff gets clipped, but it doesn’t feel like that in the room.”