After the first record, Lamborghini is preparing for a cold winter


Like other firms catering to the world’s wealthiest consumers, Lamborghini, a division of Volkswagen AG in Germany, is juggling a discrepancy between soaring demand and severe volatility in the larger global economy.

Nowadays, Lamborghini is more of a high-performance, ultra-luxury SUV manufacturer than a sports car manufacturer. According to a statement from the business, sales of the Urus SUV now make up 61% of total sales.

According to the manufacturer, an all-electric vehicle with four seats will be released in 2028. This model will be described by Winkelmann as “a non-extreme” GT and will be more forgiving to drive than the company’s supercars. Building an electric Lamborghini that can not only accelerate in a straight line but also negotiate turns as expected by customers, according to Winkelmann, is a challenge.

For its product line, Lamborghini is presently entering a transitional phase.

Story Highlights

  • In case Russia follows through on threats to reduce gas supply to Western Europe, Lamborghini is relying on natural gas to keep operations running throughout the winter. Maintaining gas supply to industry was a top concern for the departing Italian government, according to Winkelmann. During a video call with reporters, he stated, “We have no notification from the administration that this is going to change.

  • In this year’s first half, the surge in demand took precedent. In comparison to a year ago, Lamborghini exported 5,090 sports cars and Urus sport utility vehicles, an increase of 4.9%. Profit increased by nearly 70% to 425 million euros, while revenue increased by 31% to 1.3 billion euros.

With the new battery generation, he asserted, “I believe we can accomplish this.”

Lamborghini will soon introduce a sports vehicle to replace the Aventador and improvements to the Urus SUV series. Winkelmann reported that the last Aventador sports vehicle was constructed on July 27.

“It’s getting harder to find new names,” Winkelmann said.