AI created this entire Minecraft update


While a wishing well that grants players a random item when you throw in an emerald is good, our personal favourite is the Lava Bow – which shoots an arrow that leaves behind lava blocks. While this sounds fun, it’s effectively a game-ending weapon that can accidentally decimate an entire area – and also your PC – in seconds. It is pretty though. We all want to touch lava, right?

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Story Highlights

  • Even though an AI upgrade for Minecraft sounds like it will definitely fail, one YouTuber persisted in releasing it regardless of the consequences. The release of a new version of Minecraft is often thrilling for users, but this one was fully produced by AI. This isn’t the first time AI has been used to tinker with a sandbox game, but it is the first time the AI has been used to develop novel, interesting features that change the way the game is played. SystemZee thought it would be amusing to allow an AI create an upgrade that they and their team would implement. You may remember SystemZee from their fantastic ocean redesign. After a straightforward initial suggestion in the video (below) of a crafting table, things.

  • Oh, and the update’s name is Minecraft: World Domination. Try not to think about that for too long because it’s less of a Freudian slip and more of a statement of intent, as the AI came up with that one too. The name definitely ties in some of the stranger and more destructive new additions in this fake update. Also, if your toaster looks at you funny, it might be plotting against you. In other update-related news, albeit official ones, Mojang is going to stick with their new chat moderation tools despite some kickback from fans.