Angel Ridge Animal Rescue demands money, volunteers | Helping Assistants

  Angel Ridge Animal Rescue demands money, volunteers |  Helping Assistants

Angel Ridge is an animal shelter located at 390 Old Hickory Ridge Road in Chartiers Township.

Shannon said that for dogs, the shelter’s biggest need is monetary donations.

“It has rotted away. There are holes in her mouth. She’s going in for reconstructive surgery on her mouth in December. All told, we estimate that our expenses will be about $10,000,” Shannon said.

Angel Ridge recently took in four dachshunds from West Virginia. While one has since died, another named Bean will require reconstruction of the inside of her mouth.

Story Highlights

  • “We’re totally supported by private donations,” said Executive Director Nancy Shannon.

  • “Since our inception, we have always tried to help the most down-and-out animals. The ones that don’t have a chance in other shelters,” Shannon said.

Another dog, Spike, has bad eyes and teeth.

Shannon said Angel Ridge currently has about 15 dogs, which are far outnumbered by their cats.

“The cat situation in our area is really more critical than dogs, because cats breed quite easily,” Shannon said. Barbara Brown runs Angel Ridge’s cat program. According to Brown, the shelter can house up to 25 cats. Angel Ridge has 26 foster families, and there are currently about 40 kittens in foster care.

“Cat care and socializers are the two big needs, as far as help,” Brown said. Angel Ridge has two volunteer shifts for taking care of the cats, one in the morning and one in the evening. The volunteer work involves feeding the cats, cleaning litter, and giving them any necessary medication.

The shelter also has volunteers who help socialize the shyer felines by petting and playing with them. Brown said some children come and read to the cats. “I know that sounds silly. That calms them down and gets them used to human interaction,” Brown said.

Those interested can donate to Angel Ridge Animal Rescue via PayPal, or by mailing a check. Volunteer forms can be found on their website at