Apple Guaranteed Discounted Discounts on Used iPads and MacBooks are available at a discount of up to 15%

Apple Guaranteed Discounted Discounts on Used iPads and MacBooks are available at a discount of up to 15%

There’s more where this deal came from. Sign up for Reviewed’s Perks and Rec newsletter and we’ll keep deals coming every Sunday through Friday. If you’re not familiar with Apple refurbished items, they’re basically used items that have either been returned, recycled through their program or were defective. For those of you who want to save money on Apple products, this is the perfect way to get what you want for less. Plus, every Apple Certified Refurbished product comes with a standard one-year limited warranty—if something is not working correctly, they’ll fix it.

Shopping refurbished is not only a great way to save money on your favorite products, but they also help keep perfectly working Apple items out of landfills. You can think of them as “like-new” items that go through strict testing to meet the functional standards of a new computer but come at a discounted price. For instance, the 13-inch MacBook Pro currently sells for $1,299, however, if you buy a refurbished one it costs $1,099.99 (a $200 savings). Like new products, they come with a one-year limited warranty (up to 90 days of free technical support), so you’re covered if something doesn’t work correctly.


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  • The editors of Reviewed choose recommendations on their own. Purchases made through our links may result in a commission for us. For good reason, Apple is one of the world’s most well-known and admired technology developers. Its ubiquitous logo and designs may be found on laptops, smartphones, headphones, and even watches all over the world. All of these goods are expensive, but there is a way to get one of these high-quality devices without breaking the bank: the Apple Certified Refurbished programme.

  • If you’re still hesitant about purchasing an Apple Certified Refurbished product, we answered some frequently asked questions and highlighted the best deals you can nab. What are some of the best Apple Certified Refurbished deals available? Refurbished Apple Watch Series 7 GPS 45mm Starlight Aluminum Case with Starlight Sport Band for $359 (Save $70)