Apple internal leakage first iPhone 15 details and folded iPhone release time

Apple internal leakage first iPhone 15 details and folded iPhone release time

Apple is nowhere near ready to launch a foldable iPhone. But the company is  A reliable leaker that said in the past that Apple is interested in making foldable iPhones now has a tentative release date in mind for the first foldable iPhone, complete with specific design details about the handset.

Kuo also offered specific details about the new foldable OLED screen that will go into the iPhone. Apple will reportedly adopt a silver nanowire touch solution that will better serve foldable devices that might support more than a single fold.

The analyst also that some of the 2023 iPhones will have a perfect display design. The notch will disappear as the Face ID components will be placed under the display. Those claims did not mention foldable screen designs, however. It’s likely Apple will use under-display camera and Face ID tech for all iPhone flagships once it meets its quality standards, and this rumored 8-inch foldable iPhone will surely be a flagship handset.

Kuo believes nanowire touch technology will give Apple a “long-term competitive advantage” for Apple. He said that Apple is already using it for the touch interface of the HomePod. This initiative allows Apple to “master the technology” at a lower cost, using small volume production.

Story Highlights

  • Foldable phones are about to get more durable and affordable than before, as more smartphone vendors are interested in the new form factor. Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Z Flip 3 are expected to deliver several upgrades to improve durability, including stronger foldable glass, , and other design improvements to prevent accidental damage. Handset vendors from China will launch  lowering the entry price significantly — Samsung has started cutting the prices of its current foldable versions as well.

  • Samsung’s first foldable phone launched in 2019, and the company has big plans for its foldable phones. Samsung wants to replace the Note series with foldable handsets like the Fold and Flip this year. This could help the company increase revenue, as foldable are more expensive than traditional handsets.