Apple iPhone 14 Pro can be the first iPhone to insert a USB-C port: Tipster

Apple iPhone    14 Pro can be the first iPhone to insert a USB-C port: Tipster

Firstly, the iPhone maker is seeking to avoid any legal issues caused by not including a universal USB C port. Recently, the European Union made a push to make USB C ports standard in all devices, and even sought to fine any company that did not comply with this new standard.

The final reason for Apple making the shift to USB C is to apparently protect the environment. In other words, supporting a universally accepted standard will help in reducing electronic waste, with the USB C possibly even cutting some costs for the iPhone 14 Pro as well. Keep in mind that this is just an unconfirmed report, so take it with a pinch of salt and stay tuned for more updates.

Story Highlights

  • In the upcoming 2022 iPhone lineup, a new report has just revealed that Apple might finally be bringing the USB Type C port to its smartphones. For the Pro model of the iPhone 14 series, the USB-C port will only be available for this. With the Cupertino based giant reportedly having three major reasons for finally making the shift to USB C ports, the news was shared by LeaksApplePro and iDropNews.

  • While the iPhone 14 Pro will be the only variant to feature USB C port in 2022, the report claims that even lower even models will feature this port by 2023. Furthermore, data transfer speeds is also a major factor as Lightning cables still ship with USB 2.0 speeds. In the past, some iPad Pro models that feature USB Type-C port support USB 3.0, so it isn’t surprising if the company makes the shift with the iPhones as well in the near future.