Apple New release iPhone Millions of User Safety Warning

Apple New release iPhone Millions of User Safety Warning

iPhone fans have had a challenging month. Now, just 24 hours after things started to look up Apple has confirmed a new problem which affects millions of iPhone owners.

New iPhone WiFi Hack Becomes More Dangerous, Affects All iOS 14 iPhones
By Gordon Kelly
In a new support document Apple has quietly confirmed widespread reports that its latest iOS 14.7 update can break the ability of iPhones to unlock an Apple Watch. Moreover, for enterprise users the fix is extreme.

For regular consumers, Apple states that you will have to revert to typing the passcode on your Apple Watch every time you put it on. ”If you forgot your passcode, you need to reset your Apple Watch,” Apple warns. But the bigger impact is for enterprise users with Apple confirming that users will have to unpair, erase and set up their Apple Watches again.

“When you have Unlock with iPhone turned on, unlocking your iPhone unlocks your Apple Watch as long as you’re wearing it. An issue in iOS 14.7 affects the ability of iPhone models with Touch ID to unlock Apple Watch,” confirms Apple in the support document.

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    Apple Issues New Warning For Millions Of iPhone Users
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