Apple ready to combine two folding iPhones


Many will be excited to see what the company will do in the end. After all, to be honest, most of them don’t care what happens in this direction from Oppo, Vivo or Xiaomi. Much more interesting is what Apple is going to do.

Interestingly, the formerly renowned industry analyst Ming-Chi Kuo also announced that the foldable iPhone would hit the market in 2023, but named Samsung Display as the supplier of the 8-inch OLED display. According to his forecast, deliveries of iPhones with flexible displays will amount to 15 to 20 million units in 2023.

Xiaomi, Oppo and Vivo will present new foldable smartphones in the next quarter
For the second half of the year, leading smartphone providers are planning to announce a new generation of devices with flexible displays. This is reported by DigiTimes using information from knowledgeable industry sources.

Apple won’t be able to beat Samsung in the foldable niche for now. Even after the introduction of the foldable iPhone, the share of the South Korean giant will not fall below 75%. In total, 90 million foldable cell phones could be launched in 2023 and 100 million in 2025.

Story Highlights

  • Where exactly Apple is losing to Samsung is the release of flexible devices. The South Korean giant has already launched the third generation of foldable smartphones, and the Cupertino-based company doesn’t have one. However, this does not mean that Apple does not think and develop such a device.

  • And apparently the reason to discuss the foldable iPhone won-7;t appear until 2023. Network sources name this year the most likely iPhone with a flexible display. Right now they’re working in the bowels of Apple on two versions that constructively repeat the ideas of the Galaxy Z Fold and Galaxy Z Flip.
    The flexible panel helps create LG that has the experience and expertise in making flexible matrices. At the moment there is a prototype of a 7.5-inch screen with thin bezels around the perimeter. Apple’s novelty could be the first on the market to receive a novel OLED panel.

In the next quarter in particular, at least two foldable smartphones from the South Korean giant Samsung Electronics will be presented. We’re talking about devices from the Galaxy Fold and Galaxy Z Flip series.

In addition, the Chinese companies Xiaomi, Oppo and Vivo plan to launch flexible smartphones in the third quarter of this year. Xiaomi introduced the Mi Mix Fold with a flexible screen at the beginning of the year: this model starts at 1,300 euros. The brand’s upcoming smartphone is said to be cheaper, but the exact dates are unfortunately not provided.

Oppo can share a device that has a rolling display. Owners can stretch this device and turn it into a small tablet computer. It is also stated that the demand for flexible smartphones will increase. According to analysts, worldwide shipments of this type of device will exceed 10 million units in the next year.