AppleDirector of Home Services Retired After Two Years With Company

AppleDirector of Home Services Retired After Two Years With Company

In a LinkedIn post over the weekend, Sam Jadallah, who had the position of Head of Home Services, announced his departure from Apple.

Jadallah added that he was excited to head back into the “Silicon Valley ecosystem.” He lists his current position on LinkedIn as “Investor, Independent Board Director.”

In the two years since he was hired, Apple has pushed a number of smart home initiatives under Jedallah’s watch. That includes support for the Thread standard, working with other technology companies on Matter, and introducing new HomeKit features.

Apple hired Jedallah back in 2019 to lead its smart home efforts and the development of HomeKit. Prior to joining Apple, he worked as the CEO of a smart lock company and also spent time as a corporate vice president for Microsoft in the 1980s and 1990s.

Story Highlights

  • Apple’s Home Services CEO has stepped down after two years managing the Cupertino tech giant’s smart home initiatives.

  • He wrote, “With Apple, that’s a wrap.” “I’m glad for the lasting connections and the chance to mould and build new capabilities for individuals and homes all across the world.”

Recent reports have suggested that Apple engineers are pessimistic about the future of the Apple TV. Together with the HomePod, Apple’s home hardware has lagged behind competitors like Amazon and Google. However, the next evolution of Apple’s home strategy could be a combination of the HomePod and Apple TV.

It isn’t clear how Jadallah’s departure from the company will affect that strategy, or whether it’s related to the Apple TV pessimism among Apple engineers.

Apple is aiming for a total living room strategy that will ultimately see the ‌HomePod‌ and Apple TV combined into a single device that will be able to be used for controlling smart home devices, entertainment, communication, and more.