AppleThe headset item may be postponed until early 2023

AppleThe headset item may be postponed until early 2023

Apple is postponing full production, according to the analyst, because it wants the “whole software, environment, and services” for its virtual reality headset ready before releasing it to the public. In addition, the company’s design criteria are significantly greater than those of competitors’ products, which complicates production.

The AR/MR HMD requires much more industrial design requirements than smartphones because the comfort of wearing them involves so many design details. Therefore, we believe Apple continues to test the best industrial design solutions so far.

It was previously believed that Apple would launch its AR/VR headset in Q2 2022, but that timeline seems to have changed once again.

The key to the success of the HMD lies in the software, ecosystem, and service. We believe that Apple is positioning its HMD for various applications, not just gaming applications, so the challenge of building software/ecosystem/services is significantly higher than current products/competitors.

Story Highlights

  • Apple’s AR/VR headset may not go into mass production until the end of 2022, pushing its release date back to early 2023. This remark was made by Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo in his most recent investor’s letter.

  • Despite the hurdles, he also stated that Apple had the “greatest industrial design solutions” for an AR/VR headset.

this year claimed Apple’s AR headset could feature dual-8K displays and cameras inside the eye-flap to track eye movements. Outside, the headset will have more than a dozen cameras. All these cameras, on the outside and inside, will work incoherence to ‘pass’ video of the real world through the visor and display it to the user, creating a mixed reality effect.