As iPhone 13 he comes, he buys iPhone 12 will be worse

As iPhone 13 he comes, he buys iPhone 12 will be worse

The reason should be obvious: the iPhone 13 is reportedly on the way, and may be unveiled as soon as September 14. That makes buying the iPhone 12, or any older iPhone, a poor decision for the very near term.

Aesthetically, the iPhone 13 will apparently look near identical to the iPhone 12 (albeit with a slightly smaller notch), but it’s what’s on the inside that counts, and the new version will reportedly include a new faster A15 chipset, a larger battery, significant camera upgrades and a 120Hz display for the Pro models.

But even if someone is not interested in any of this, it pays to wait for a few more weeks before grabbing an iPhone 12 anyway.

Unusually for Apple, it’s also reportedly set to be a trend setter rather than a follower, by introducing emergency satellite communications with the new handsets.

Story Highlights

  • In the list of the best smartphones one can buy, three of the four iPhone 12 models sit proudly, almost after a year of their release. But should anybody buy it? Absolutely not.

  • While we won’t know for sure what upgrades and enhancements the new iPhone will have its predecessor until Tim Cook takes to the stage, plenty of rumors from usually reliable sources have given us a good idea of what iPhone 13 upgrades to expect.