At Caithness, an online event focusing on mental health and well-being


It is being held by Caithness Cares, a community initiative that is tackling issues leading to poor mental health, on Thursday, June 30, between 11am and 3pm.

Julie Marker, chairperson of Caithness Cares, said: “We are keen to update the community with some of the work going on. We know the issues – everyone does. This group is working in a way that we are beginning to see real change.

“We recognise the importance of giving the community the opportunity to have their voice heard. Our partner, Scottish Recovery Network, will co-host the conversation café between 1pm and 2.45pm and we welcome everyone, especially those with lived experience.”

“There will be presentations from Planet Youth, the NHS, the newly formed Caithness Local Employability Partnership, Centred, Here for Caithness and the recovery community.

Story Highlights

  • Groups involved in supporting mental health and wellbeing in Caithness will be taking part in a free online event later this month to present information about new initiatives and services.

  • As part of the event, Caithness Cares will join with Scottish Recovery Network to deliver an informal “conversation café” giving an opportunity to discuss what it’s like to access medical services or find community support.