Baystate Health is making changes to patient and staff safety as a result of COVID surgery

Baystate Health is making changes to patient and staff safety as a result of COVID surgery

“While we are urging potential visitors to defer visitation until the cases of covid-19 decline in the community, our caregivers understand it can be stressful when a loved one is hospitalized. If a child or other family members or friend is unable to visit it can be more difficult.” said Denise Schoen, Chief Patient Experience Officer at Baystate Health.

the new policy calls for patients to have limited visitors per day. Non-COVID, obstetrician, and pediatric patients are now only allowed one visitor per day. And surgery patients won’t be allowed partners at check in, and no children under 18 are permitted to visit. Visitors must also follow public health protocols by testing, but some residents have had a hard time accessing testing locally.

“the more accessible the better and definitely quantity, higher quantities would be beautiful.” Labato added. Visiting hours for Baystate are from noon to 8:00 PM.

“It has actually been fairly horrible, its a lot of lines wherever you go they have the location where they have three to four hours waits… it would be nice to have a more direct way to get tests to the people that need it.” said Crystalstar Labato, Hampshire resident. In an effort to increase supply of the ongoing demand for COVID tests, Governor Baker secured a contract to have 26 million rapid tests delivered across the state over the next three months.

Story Highlights

  • These changes are effective immediately, according to a news release from Baystate Health. Baystate Health is now urging visitors to stay home as a result. 22News spoke with a rep from Baystate Health regarding the new visitor policy changes.

  • COVID-19 at-home test kits to continue being provided in Springfield