Bloody Fans Outraged After Announcing God of War PC Port

Bloody Fans Outraged After Announcing God of War PC Port

Bloodborne fans took to Twitter to express their disappointment that there’s not only been a complete lack of communication from Sony about the heavily rumored port, but that other titles are taking precedent over it. While God of War is, by all means, one of PlayStation’s best, it seems like fans of the company won’t be truly satisfied until Bloodborne makes its way to PC.

Bloodborne PC port have been circling for years, but when Horizon Zero Dawn made its way to the platform last year as the first first-party PlayStation exclusive to do so, hope that Bloodborne would be following suit spread across the community. While the game isn’t technically a first-party title, Japan Studio assisted with its development, so many saw Horizon’s inclusion as Sony setting a precedent for more of its titles to be ported as well.

Sony has made it clear that it’s interested in bringing its titles to PC as games like Horizon Zero Dawn and Days Gone already exist on the platform and Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves and God of War are coming in the future, so it seems like a Bloodborne port is just a matter of time. That said, many people have been thinking that a port is coming for quite some time, but Sony hasn’t commented on it.

Story Highlights

  • When it was revealed this morning that the 2018 relaunch of the God of War series will be coming to PC through Steam and Epic Games Store, fans of the franchise cheered, but not all gamers did. Bloodborne fans have been more enraged at Sony for not transferring the PS4 title first as additional PlayStation exclusives have received PC adaptations.

  • While some fans expressed their genuine, understandable frustration about the game while it trended on Twitter, others have been able to see some of the comedy of the wait and turned it into memes. Several have reshared an image of one of Bloodborne’s hunters but swapped his face with the crying Michael Jordan meme, an image that seems to appear and reappear with every PlayStation PC port announcement and when rumors about the Bloodborne PC port make the internet rounds.