Boeing satellite broadband is approaching the approval of the CCC

Boeing satellite broadband is approaching the approval of the CCC

The FCC is considering an application from Boeing to launch and operate a satellite broadband constellation of 147 satellites. The FCC’s acting chair, Jessica Rosenworcel, circulated the proposal for voting on Thursday.

The fact that Boeing has reached this stage suggests it is likely to be approved.

Generally speaking, the FCC does not advance proposals to a vote which do not have high odds for approval. Even more amazing is that Boeing filed this application way back in 2017.

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Two years later, SpaceX presented objections to Boeing’s plan, saying it raised “clear danger of harmful interference” to other systems, like its own.

Elon Musk’s company called on the FCC to reject the plan or “at a minimum impose appropriate conditions to ensure that Boeing’s operations do not harm” other operators.

So Boeing’s constellation has lingered in “public comment” purgatory since.

SpaceX, for its part, has been met with luck in its trips to the FCC.

In return, SpaceX agreed to accept the satellites could encounter interference from other satellites within Amazon’s $10 billion 3,236-satellite Kuiper Systems constellation.

In April, the regulator approved a plan to deploy 2,824 Starlink satellites at a lower-Earth orbit than initially planned.