Book: ‘Pro-life’ should apply to all lives

Book: 'Pro-life' should apply to all lives

Of course, the Republicans’ demigod, Donald Trump, is the poster child for this kind of hypocrisy. He claims to be “pro-life,” but, in the waning months of his presidency, 13 men were executed, ending a nearly 20-year moratorium on federal executions.

Story Highlights

  • Obviously, there are vast differences between an innocent, unborn fetus and a convicted serial killer. But, at the core of the issue is the fact that they are both human lives. How can you create one set of laws to protect the sanctity of life in a fetus while creating other laws to deliberately terminate it in an adult? If human life is sacred, it is sacred in all its stages, and aborting life in an adult is just as morally wrong as aborting it in a fetus.

  • Pro-life means pro-life, regardless of how old that life is.