Bose adds the cancellation of the ambient “Aware” to QC Earbuds

Bose adds the cancellation of the ambient

If you’re one of those people who likes to walk around while blocking the outside world, an addition to Bose’s noise cancelling earphones could suit.

That sort of thing typically happens when you get an operating system upgrade, as device makers bring in a few new features over an OS update, such as with iOS 15 recently, and the same may be true with devices, such as when Sony earphones suddenly received wind-reduction in 2019, using the on-board microphones of noise cancelling earphones to cut back on listening to a gale blowing outside.

The idea is something Bose calls “Aware” mode, leveraging some smarts called “ActiveSense”, which is just a way of saying the earphones can pick up on large noises and adjust the transparency mode of the earphones, absorbing you in your own sound as the outside world gets louder before switching back to a full transparency mode.

Bose has been working on an update for its noise cancelling earphones, as well, adding a feature or two for its “Quiet Comfort” QC Earbuds, though this one won’t so much close the mics when wind is picked up, but rather give you the ability to cut big sounds out of your life, replacing them with your tunes and podcasts, before bringing transparency back when they cease.

Story Highlights

  • Bose has launched its next generation of headphones under its QuietComfort series, the QuietComfort 45. The Bose QC 45 comes with Acoustic Noise Cancellation and 24-hour battery life. The headphones also have an Aware mode which picks up ambient noises and amplifies them into the ear.

  • It’s always nice when devices get new features simply by existing, almost as if you’ve been gifted a present of something new simply by being a customer.

It means walking by loud noises should keep you listening to your own music, and when you’re past it, having the earphones open up to let you hear the world.