Bread of Life Church to be organized as part of Bismarck’s 150th birthday celebrations

Bread of Life Church to be organized as part of Bismarck's 150th birthday celebrations

After being moved to the Camp Hancock State Historic Site in 1965, the original windows were vandalized, moved to storage and replaced.

“The church, over the last few of years, we had a new roof put on, it’s been painted, so once the stained glass windows are in, it’s in pretty good shape, but time always takes its toll on historic buildings, so there’s always additional work,” said Historic Site Supervisor Johnathan Campbell.

If you or someone you know is interested in helping fund the project, donations can be made to the Bismarck Historical Society.

Story Highlights

  • The Bread of Life Church, built in 1880, will have its original stained glass windows restored.

  • The restoration of the original windows is estimated at around $150,000 and should be completed by the end of August.