Brexit News: Irish politician mocks UK over boat routes over Britain | Politics | News

  Brexit News: Irish politician mocks UK over boat routes over Britain |  Politics |  News

Following negotiations over the Northern Ireland protocol, Mr Coveney also claimed the EU had made significant concessions to the UK.

The Irish minister said: “They were the three key issues that businesses and political leaders and civic leaders on the ground in Northern Ireland wanted addressed.

Mr Coveney also ruled out the possibility of removing the European Court of Justice from the protocol.

“So, as you would expect, Lord Frost wants more, and the EU is trying to go as far as they possibly can, within the confines of the protocol to respond to what are genuine concerns.”

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  • If the UK were to suspend parts of the deal, the EU would respond “very robustly”, Ireland’s foreign minister Simon Coveney claimed.

  • Mr Coveney pointed to a package whereby customs checks on food products would be cut by 80 percent, the EU claims, and a new proposal that would allow the UK to approve and send medicines to the province.

He added: “I don’t think compromise is possible because that’s quite a black and white issue.

“What the EU is saying is that the court of the European Court of Justice has got to be the final arbiter on EU law and EU regulations.

JUST IN: New EU ID checks threaten ‘continual’ Dover chaos Amid the stalemate, the UK has insisted the option of using Article 16 remains on the table.

Writing in the Daily Mail, Lord Frost said: “The current problems with the protocol go to the heart of our territorial integrity, of what it means to be one country and one market. “They will not just disappear.

“I still hope the EU can show the ambition needed to fix the problem by agreement. “If they can’t, of course we will have to safeguard our position in other ways.”

Cabinet minister Michael Gove, however, did claim there is hope an agreement could be reached for medicines before the end of the year.