Brookhaven designates a green area on Remington Road behind a resident

Brookhaven designates a green area on Remington Road behind a resident

Brookhaven has named the Remington Road green space after Tom Reilly (center), a longtime Brookhaven resident who has advocated for environmentalism in the city.

Reilly has volunteered for the National Wildlife Federation – a national conservation advocacy group – for 15 years. He is also a member of the Brookhaven Tree Conservancy and has advocated for the reduced use of herbicides while still supporting the removal of invasive plant species and the protection of native plant species in Brookhaven parks.

Cary King, who serves on the Brookhaven Planning Commission, also said a few words about Reilly’s time in the U.S. Army during the Vietnam War during the event. Reilly received a Bronze Star Medal and two Purple Hearts for his service. 

“Tom Reilly worked to protect and preserve the natural environment and became a relentless advocate for wildlife and a dedicated steward of the ecosystem,” Jones said. “[He] played a vital role in setting up habitats, clearing trails, manning recruitment booths, publishing wildlife articles, establishing ecology clubs, making presentations, and helping create and pass Brookhaven’s tree protection ordinance.” 

Story Highlights

  • The dedication took place during the Brookhaven City Council meeting on Sept. 14. Councilmember Linley Jones read the proclamation at the green space, which is located at 1664 Remington Road.

  • The city decided to honor Reilly – who has lived in Brookhaven since 1953 – because of his dedication to the environment, the preservation of green spaces in the city, and the protection of urban wildlife, Jones said. 

Reilly said a few words at the end of the ceremony, thanking the council for the dedication.

“My family and I will remember this forever,” he said. “Thank you so very, very much.”