Brooklyn principal transforms school closet into dining room, student wardrobe


She meets with teachers daily and they all share the same concern about resources for students.

“We need everything else—that’s about it. We have had a lot of problems this year getting donations,” said Darbee. 

If you would like to donate, food or clothing, click here.

Teachers said they noticed students were taking home extra lunches and knew they had to do something. It’s not just food that’s needed. Students need toiletries, coats, gloves and shoes. 

Story Highlights

  • In response, Danielle Darbee, who’s in charge of 162 high school students at the Brooklyn Academy of Global Finance in Bed-Stuy, started a food pantry and clothing closet for the kids in school.

  • The sports equipment closet is now what Darbee calls a mini COVID resource center.

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