Business leaders celebrate EqualAI’s anniversary and its new position as chair of the National Advisory Committee on Artificial Intelligence


The organization’s president, Miriam Vogel, has launched significant initiatives like the EqualAI Pledge and EqualAI Badge Program for Responsible AI Governance. She has also recently been named Chair of the National Artificial Intelligence Advisory Committee (NAIAC), which provides guidance to the US President and National AI Initiative Office on a variety of artificial intelligence-related matters.

Rob LoCascio, the founder and CEO of LivePerson, said: “EqualAI has had a remarkable influence on the direction of artificial intelligence in just four years, pushing it toward more equitable and moral results for everybody. As a founding member of EqualAI, LivePerson is pleased to have played a crucial role in funding and leading these initiatives. To take concrete measures toward responsible AI governance, we encourage companies of all kinds to sign the EqualAI Pledge and participate in the EqualAI Badge Program as we celebrate Miriam Vogel’s nomination to the NAIAC.”

In addition to LoCascio and Huffington, EqualAI’s leadership includes Karyn Temple, Senior EVP and Global General Counsel at Motion Picture Association; Monica Greenberg, EVP, Corporate Development, Strategic Alliances and General Counsel at LivePerson; Susan Gonzales, CEO of AIandYou; and Reggie Townsend, Director of Data Ethics at SAS. LivePerson, Verizon, and SAS support EqualAI through corporate membership.

Arianna Huffington, founder and CEO of Thrive Global and a founding member of EqualAI, added, “From raising awareness to designing frameworks and initiatives that fight bias, EqualAI has pushed policymakers and business leaders to do more and do better when it comes to artificial intelligence. As AI continues to reshape our daily lives, it’s more critical than ever that we come together to ensure it helps, not hurts, the well-being of all of our communities.”

Story Highlights

  • A movement and independent nonprofit organisation called EqualAI was established in 2018 to lessen unintentional prejudice in the creation and application of artificial intelligence. Corporate backers from the tech sector support it.

  • The US Department of Commerce formed the NAIAC, which is made up of leaders with a wide spectrum of interdisciplinary knowledge in AI from the academic, nonprofit, civil society, and business worlds.