Business owners prepare before the reinstatement of the mask

Business owners prepare before the reinstatement of the mask

Cobbins has owned and operated the coffee shop for over a decade. He’s witnessed his share of economic hurdles, however, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought new, unique challenges for his business to endure.

Beginning Wednesday, the City and County of Denver will reinstate a public health order requiring masks at most businesses and venues for everybody ages 2 and older.

Cobbins is still deciding on how his business will implement the order.

If locations choose not to require masks, they can implement a vaccine check for patrons. The vaccine check must show 95% of people inside the facility are fully vaccinated.

Story Highlights

  • “We’ve had conversations with a few of our staff that, frankly, are worried,” said Ryan Cobbins, owner of Coffee at The Point in the historic Five Points neighborhood.

  • “What we experienced during the last mask mandate is that there were not just a few, but several customers that were overly aggressive as my staff tried to do the right thing, which was to ask customers to put their masks on,” Cobbins said.

“We will follow the mandate so that it doesn’t compromise the safety of our staff,” he said.

Denver joins a slew of other metro counties in implementing a mask mandate once again. Adams, Arapahoe and Jefferson counties all reinstated public health orders this week.

Boulder, Pitkin, San Miguel and Larimer counties also rolled out new orders this fall. Cobbins is hopeful that customers will be understanding.

“For the few that may get upset because somebody says, ‘Let me see your vaccination card’ or “Would you do me a favor and put your mask on?’ maybe the message is empathy for all,” he said.