Cape Coral raises money to help boys fight cancer

Cape Coral raises money to help boys fight cancer

For the past year and a half, his parents have struggled to cover his medical expenses. Now, Cape Coral is coming together to create a fundraiser the includes all of Jacob’s favorite things.

But about a year and a half ago, Jacob was diagnosed with stage three lymphoma. So, to help Jacob and his family, Linda Thompson brought the community together.

People gathered at the Torched Bar and Grill in Cape Coral on Saturday for Jacob’s car show. Roberto Santiago is the owner of Torched. “You don’t get many opportunities to host an event like this, with so many other vendors and support. Why not do it, you know? Why not do it any chance we can,” said Santiago.

“They said ‘he loves all vehicles,’ and I said ‘we’re going to do a car show for him!’” said Thompson.

Story Highlights

  • A community is rallying around a boy and his family. 9-year-old Jacob Arledge is battling cancer.

  • The things Jacob loves are things any 9-year-old would enjoy: cars, trucks, and motorcycles.

Mark Hamilton is with Caloosa Jeepers. “It’s a great opportunity. I mean, both with showing off our jeeps and what we do with those. But also just giving to a little kid that is going through such a rough time. No parent should have to deal with this,” said Hamilton.

When Jacob arrived, he was taken by surprise. Joann Greenburg is Jacob’s mom. “He thought he was just going for a ride, and he thought he was going home, so he was a little bummed out. Then, when he started seeing the vehicles. His eyes lit up like it was Christmas,” Greenburg said.

Jacob’s mom is thankful to be surrounded by such a loving family and supportive community. “I am, without question, humbled and overwhelmed with knowing that I’m not alone. Because this has been a tough journey,” she said. “I don’t think he’ll be able to sleep for a week because [of] the excitement that he’s got going on right now…all these faces and all the people he loves are here,” said Greenburg.

The event raised more than $5,200, and all proceeds will go to Jacob’s family.