CJ McCollum is open for a short season

CJ McCollum is open for a short season

He added that he’s open to an alternative if it betters the game and the players. “We have to talk about all options, all ideas. Injuries are a part of the game. It’s a problem that we’re having and facing………….. it’s about the quality of play. Its about the fan engagement and keeping the sport as pure as possible from a historical basketball stake. I would vote against 58 games, but I would consider 72 if it made sense for the masses, if it made sense for the players,” McCollum shared.

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  • McCollum was a First Take guest and shared his opinion on possibly shortening the season. “No players have said 82 games is too much,” McCollum said. “No players have said we don’t want to do it. This is just a discussion on ways we can improve our game. This is not to say its going to happen. Personally, I don’t think 58 games is enough, but I would have the discussion because that’s my job as the President of the Players Association.”