‘Cocktails and Clothing’ event to benefit Call to Freedom, organizers soliciting clothing donations

'Cocktails and Clothing' event to benefit Call to Freedom, organizers soliciting clothing donations

It’s all part of a ‘Cocktails and Clothes’ event to benefit Call to Freedom.

While the event is still about a month away, they’re in need of your clothing donations.

All the money raised from the event will benefit Call to Freedom.

“Any clothes that you were maybe tired of wearing, but they’re still great clothes, shoes, purses, anything that a woman would like to move into her closet at a discounted price,” TH Grey owner, co-host of ‘Cocktails and Clothes’, Dawn Bures said.

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  • Next month, TH Grey in downtown Sioux Falls will be transformed from a boutique to a fundraising space for a day.

  • “Once you hear what the organization is about and you hear from some of the survivors and you can’t unhear what you heard and you feel compelled to do something and so Dawn and I had this brainstorm, we know a lot of people, and they have a lot of clothes,” co-host of ‘Cocktails and Clothes’, Jenny Hefty said.

Last year’s event raised just over $7,000.

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“The Clothes and Cocktails event is really set out to be able to raise money to provide dollars for emergency services for the people that come through the doors of Call to Freedom,” associate executive director with Call to Freedom, Michelle Treasure said. “A lot of times we need to purchase things that are considered basic needs to all of us so clothes, food, hygiene products, things like that.” The fundraiser will be held on October 17th at TH Grey from noon to 5:00.

“Just our opportunity to give back to our community and Call to Freedom is such a worthy cause to donate to,” Bures said. You can drop off your donations at either TH Grey or AMT Training.