Community Health Clinic receives mental health grant | News

  Community Health Clinic receives mental health grant |  News

Daffron said they’re also considering hiring a mental health provider.  

The clinic has fought to serve the community through the pandemic by switching from in-person to telemedicine. The facility has recently been able to transition back to in-person only servicing.

The grant application was submitted to compliment a separate grant application Pell City Police Chief Paul Irwin requested for officers to receive mental health service training. This would aid them when responding to mental health emergencies such as domestic violence. 

In the past year the clinic had 720 regular visits, 160 new patient visits and 95 mental health visits. 

Story Highlights

  • St. Clair Community Health Clinic board member Cristy Daffron shared the need for mental health services in Pell City for people coming through the pandemic. There is a plan to gather a community advisory board that would oversee the expansion of mental health services within the community. 

  • “The grant is an opportunity to expand our mental health services, we have seen a huge need over the last year with COVID for a need of mental health services,” said Daffron.

Daffron said she would like the clinic to be a referral source to officers following this training. 

The Community Health Clinic also recently underwent a remodel. Councilman Jay Jenkins described the improvements as “looking great and something everyone can be proud of.”

“They’re expanding their services at the clinic using 100% grant funds. We appreciate the Community Foundation of Northeast Alabama for supporting the Pell City Community,” said Brian Muenger, city manager.