Complete with Lenovo Yoga 9i: Movie Viewing Laptop

Complete with Lenovo Yoga 9i: Movie Viewing Laptop

The most obvious thing that makes the Yoga 9i special is the way it looks. The new Lenovo convertible sports a rounded-off design, ridding the squared-off look from past versions. That meant running my hands on the laptop’s edges felt like touching a jewel. Like the visual effect that you get with the diamond-cut finishes on Dell’s old XPS 13, this all makes the new Yoga a premium-feeling device. The rounded finish carries from the display all the way to the bottom portion for a unified look.

When I got to try it out, I was impressed. When I pulled up a YouTube video testing the laptop’s bass levels, I immediately felt the vibrations from the woofers on the sides of the laptop. Then, as I converted the laptop into tent mode, the audio kept blasting without muffling or fading away — still shooting at my face. It’s quite an immersive experience, and Lenovo’s software makes it even better.


A “Vibe Check” key on the keyboard can help switch audio profiles — there’s a music mode, gaming mode, and a movie mode. All that means using this laptop made it feel like I was sitting in a movie theater, but I soon would find out the display makes things even better.

Story Highlights

  • Laptops are utilised for a lot more than just work these days. The majority of customers desire a laptop that can be used for Netflix, music, and even light gaming. Lenovo’s new Yoga 9i, which was unveiled at CES 2022, aims to fill that void and then some with some stunning new design choices. After spending some time with one, I can safely declare that the Yoga 9i is a laptop that wants to do everything.

  • Those rounded edges even make converting the tablet into the various modes a lot smoother, so it’s not jabbing into your skin. That’s important for a device you might end up using in your lap when watching a movie. But that’s not all. The other signature feature of the Yoga 9i is its speaker bar, which makes a return over the previous generation. Lenovo claims the new speaker is louder than those in past models. That’s because Lenovo has introduced the first-ever Bowers & Wilkins-designed audio system, optimized by Dolby Atmos.