Conflict Relays News is perfect for Android Users


There are many missing features on Android right now; the developers also gave good news for the current application version. If you’re using Discord on your Android phone, you can expect a bit of change in the following weeks. Discord Will Be More Focused on the Android App’s Updates You might remember how late the server profile feature on Android was; this was the breakpoint of the problem. The problems weren’t related to Android; Discord developers focused on the iOS app, and the updates were released weeks later for Android users. Discord says they will overhaul the Android app and focus more on the Android application. We can expect many changes in a short period and mobile updates on the same date.

iOS users shouldn’t be worried about the new process of the Android application. The development process for iOS won’t be slower; the process will be the same for both platforms.

Story Highlights

  • Mobile platforms are also favoured by Discord users. The app is preferred by mobile players and simply gamers that wish to stay connected. Sadly, Android users were receiving the update slowly. The Android upgrade came out a few weeks after the iOS version, which is what the creators initially worked on. That was Discord’s largest issue, although the creators gave some good news regarding upgrades to the Android app. You might not need to wait any longer, according to the notice, for the update.

  • Our expectations aren’t high for the mobile application. It’s mainly used for keeping the connection with friends and servers. Of course, there’s a significant number of users who use Discord for communicating while playing online games. Those users need useful features like the others to do with the desktop version. The missing elements weren’t annoying the desktop users. But, a big problem for mobile gamers is finally solved.