County COVID-19 cases are down, deaths see slight increase | Home News

  County COVID-19 cases are down, deaths see slight increase |  Home News

The number of new county cases was a 12% drop from the week before.

The new cases bump up the county’s cumulative cases to 20,657.

The local hospitalizations for COVID-19 represented a 14% decline from the previous week.

There were six COVID-19 hospitalizations in Citrus during the week ending Nov. 21. Those patients occupied only 2% of the county’s hospital beds, according to the CDC. They represented 5% of occupied ICU beds.

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  • The four county COVID-19 deaths during the week between Nov. 16 to Nov. 22 was twice as many as the week before, according to the COVID-19 website created by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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The county’s vaccination rate for adults and children five years old and older is 57%. The Florida average is 68%, according to the Florida Department of Health website.

Since March 2020, the case positivity rate for all the county’s COVID testing was 28%. During the week ending Nov. 18, it was 2.8%.

In Florida, there have been 3.68 million COVID-19 cases and 61,147 deaths. In the United States, there have been 47.9 million cases. The country saw an average of nearly 95,000 new cases a day, according to the New York Times, which collects and compares COVID-19 data. The number of new cases is a 25% increase over the past 14-day average.

Florida saw an average of 1,397 new cases a day, which was a 5% drop from the 14-day average, according to the New York Times.