COVID-19 Ontario: Hospital admissions jump to 3,630

COVID-19 Ontario: Hospital admissions jump to 3,630

There are now 500 people in intensive care, a minor drop from 505 on Wednesday.

In intensive care, 82 per cent of patients are admitted primarily for COVID-19, while the remaining 18 per cent are testing positive but are being treated for a separate issue.

Ontario is logging 35 more COVID-19 related fatalities in the last 24-hours.

Meanwhile, Ontario is reporting 9,909 new COVID-19 cases on Thursday, but health officials have warned that number is an underestimate due to testing limitations and backlogs.

Story Highlights

  • Health officials said 3,630 people are now in hospital testing positive for COVID-19, a jump from 3,448 on Wednesday.

  • The province also reported that of the 3,630 people hospitalized, 54 per cent are seeking care due to COVID-19, while the remaining 46 per cent were admitted to the hospital for unrelated reasons and are now testing positive for the virus.

According to Ontario’s Health Minister Christine Elliott, individuals who are fully vaccinated represent just over 88 per cent of the province’s total population and account for 181 of Ontario’s 500 ICU admissions.

Of those who tested positive for COVID-19, 1,336 involved people who are unvaccinated, 303 involved people who are partially vaccinated, and 7,753 involved people who are fully vaccinated. The vaccination status of 517 COVID-19 cases is unknown.

With 58,831 tests processed in the last 24-hours, Ontario is reporting a test positivity rate of 21 per cent.
In the Greater Toronto Area, officials reported 1,895 new cases in Toronto, 1,365 new cases in Peel Region, 1,001 new cases in York Region, 799 new cases in Durham Region and 436 new cases in Halton Region.

Officials reported 469 new cases in Waterloo Region and 494 new cases in Ottawa.
The province reported 275 residents in long-term care homes have COVID-19 along with 85 staff members. According to provincial data, three deaths were reported among long-term care residents.