Crayola “Outer Space Explorations”

Crayola “Outer Space Explorations”

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Prepare to launch into a creative universe during its “Outer Space Explorations.”

“What’s really important is that they’re making colorful memories that they’re going to remember forever. I remember my first trip to Crayola Experience. I know my mom still has the model magic sculpture that I made so it’s really just making memories and spending time with your family.”

There are 28 hands-on attractions based on this month’s outer space theme. Visitors can craft a stellar stargazer as well as create their own alien friend.

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  • By Scott Kovacs

  • Crayola Experience in Easton is sending guests on an out-of-this-world experience.

Outer Space Explorations isn’t just for kids. Murray says she even sees parents enjoying the crafts.