CT sets new record for COVID-19 | Connecticut News

  CT sets new record for COVID-19 |  Connecticut News

 Connecticut’s COVID-19 positivity rate surged to 24.55% and there are more than 1800 coronavirus patients in the hospitals.

Dr. Janelle Chiasera at Quinnipiac University said, “this is what viruses do if we don’t get enough people vaccinated.”

She says that perhaps the biggest issue is that at some point the rising number of omicron cases could stretch and strain our hospitals to the breaking point.

Chiasera is Quinnipiac’s Dean of Health Sciences.

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  • Health experts say the most recent spike should make us all even more vigilant about protecting ourselves and our loved ones.

  • Experts say the increases are troubling, but not surprising.

“We haven’t seen levels like this in quite some time and that explosive increase is really overwhelming our hospital systems,” said Chiasera.

She says there are silver linings. More people can recognize signs and symptoms of COVID-19 and get tested and more people are now getting vaccinated.

Connecticut’s vaccination rate jumped up by nearly five percent in the last month, but Chiasera says don’t assume we can rely on herd immunity to bail us out because other variants could be on the horizon. Copyright 2021 WFSB. All rights reserved.